We understand business

Running a business is a challenge but we can give you the confidence you need to be successful day in and day out. We cooperate proactively with our clients to prevent small problems before they become major issues.

We know legal issues are just one side of your business and our experienced lawyers will provide the highest level of support so that you can focus on what your business does best and leave the legal side to us.

What we do

  • litigation and arbitration
  • project and risk management
  • intellectual property
  • public procurement
  • labour law
  • real estate law and water law
  • due diligence
  • claims and FIDIC contracts
  • personal data protection (GDPR)
  • commercial contracts
  • investment funds
  • new technologies
  • industrial property rights
  • corporate and commercial law
  • corporate governance & compliance
  • restructuring
  • financial and banking law
  • antimonopoly and competition protection
  • fintech law
  • IT and new technologies

Marcin Gruszko

attorney-at-law, Partner

  • corporate and commercial law
  • corporate governance & compliance
  • contractual law and commercial contracts
  • IP/ IT
  • financial and banking law
  • antimonopoly law and competition protection
  • real estate
  • fintech and new technologies
  • legal advice in English and in Spanish

Ewa Benikas

attorney-at-law, Partner

  • real estate law and water law
  • investment process
  • construction contracts
  • claims and FIDIC contracts
  • personal data protection (GDPR)
  • negotiation and development of commercial contracts
  • public procurement
  • legal advice in English and in Italian

Ireneusz Benikas


  • litigation and arbitration
  • project and risk management
  • construction investment legal support
  • FIDIC claims management
  • intellectual property and IT
  • logistics and transportation law
  • labour law
  • medical services law
  • legal advice in Russian

Wojciech Chudziński

trainee attorney-at-law

  • trainee attorney-at-law at Wrocław Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law
  • acts as Data Protection Officer for public and private entities
  • specialist in the field of personal data protection law (GDPR)
  • other specializations: new technologies law, contract law, civil law, company law

Monika Frączek


  • top-level expert in labour law
  • 16 years’ experience in the Labour Law Department at the Polish Ministry of Labour and Social Policy
  • expert in the Legislation Department
  • participation in the legislation process
  • author of official interpretations and opinions of the Labour Law Department of the Ministry
  • expert at courses and seminars

Tomasz Jarus

claim manager

  • claim manager of FIDIC claims
  • 10 years of experience in implementing large infrastructure projects
  • represents investors, design units, contract engineers and contractors
  • manages FIDIC contracts and claims
  • court mediator in disputes arising from construction contracts


Defending the society against the incinerator

Attorney at Law Marcin Gruszko, Partner of the firm, represented the NGO's side at a hearing on July 18, 2023, in a lawsuit before the Provincial Administrative Court in Wroclaw in a case involving a complaint against the refusal to issue environmental conditions for...

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