Attorney at Law Marcin Gruszko, Partner of the firm, represented the NGO’s side at a hearing on July 18, 2023, in a lawsuit before the Provincial Administrative Court in Wroclaw in a case involving a complaint against the refusal to issue environmental conditions for an incinerator on the border of the city of Wroclaw, in the Commune of Wisznia Mała.

After two refusals for the incinerator – by the Mayor of the Wisznia Mała Commune and the SKO due to the incompatibility of the proposed plant with the provisions of the local zoning plan – the case went to the Provincial Administrative Court in Wroclaw.

The Nasze Pawłowice and Ramiszów Association, represented at the hearing by Mr. Gruszko, filed a motion to suspend the proceedings, based on the fact that the local plan in question is being challenged in several other court-administrative proceedings pending before the same court or before the Supreme Administrative Court, and which have not yet been finally resolved. This is because if the local plan is repealed in such separate proceedings, the incinerator complaint proceedings would become groundless. The position of the Association, represented by Mr. Gruszko, was also supported by Ms. Bar, representing Eko-Unia Association, and Mr. Drewniak, an advocate representing the Society for the Earth organisation.

The court approved the Association’s motion and suspended the proceedings.

Mr. Gruszko represented the Association pro publico bono. We will keep you posted on further developments in the case.