Developers have got a powerful legal tool to build new apartments in Polish cities. The new law allows developers to make new investments and/or an accompanying investments after obtaining the consent of the local commune council and fulfilling certain further conditions as set out by the new law.  The investments may be carried out irrespective of the existence or provisions of the local zoning plan. And irrespective whether the land is agricultural or not.  This is revolutionary and may appear a long-awaited farewell to the extremely restrictive system of trading the agricultural lands in Poland. The above means for example waiving the requirement of having the status of an individual farmer by the developer purchasing the city-located agricultural land for the purpose of housing development. New law introduces the rule that the usable floor space designated for commercial and/or service activities may not exceed 20% of the usable floor area of ​​flats. The commercial activity may be carried out not only in the area of ​​accompanying investment, but also within a separate part of a residential investment. Note that non-housing (e.g. industrial) investors will not be granted any waivers under the new law. Also, the revolution will happen only in the cities.  The agricultural lands located outside the cities will face little change under the new legislation. The new law is intended for the term ending on 31 December 2028, so plan your investment soon.